The Nest: Toxic Relationship Recovery Program - (4 live coaching calls)

In this 8-week online course, you will learn:

Module 1: Intention setting and connecting to your inner child. Identify areas in your life that need healing in the aftermath of a toxic relationship. 

Module 2: Understanding and managing cognitive dissonance and other trauma symptoms from a PLR. Identify your level of trauma and therapeutic needs. 

Bonus guided meditation: Finding Your Truth

Module 3: How to identify “external red flags” or pathology in a partner. Know the signs to look for and identify the red flags you missed or dismissed in the past. 

Bonus: Guided exercise for trauma reactions, panic, and stress management.

Module 4: Identifying and coping with dynamics of pathological love relationships such as gaslighting, love bombing, mirroring, and more. 

Bonus: Exercises to help calm and regulate your nervous system.

Module 5: Exploring what makes you vulnerable or the “internal red flags.” This includes understanding the trauma-informed, research-backed factors that actually make you vulnerable…and why “healing your codependency” is NOT an effective way to deal with toxic relationship recovery. Instead, learn about personality super traits, trauma histories, and other factors so you know exactly what you need to heal. 

Module 6: A continuation of the topic of what makes you vulnerable, this class is all about attachment theory. Your attachment style can be a significant factor in toxic relationships and can even be the root of what you may think are simply “codependency issues.”

Module 7: How to listen to your intuition, your body, and internal red flags so you can better trust and protect yourself. Identify common physical symptoms and ailments that occur in toxic relationships. 

Bonus:  Yoga Nidra guided meditation for deep relaxation and stress relief. 

Module 8: Integration and identifying the next steps in your healing journey. How to move forward after the abuse. 

$347.00 USD

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